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“Hey there, I’m Stephie.  As you know by now, I’m a musician... And my music is made up of stories.
At the heart of it all, I really just think of myself as a storyteller who chooses to tell her stories through song.  But a song is a compact thing; they often seem to be my own particular version of the truth, distilled down to a few dense few minutes.  There isn’t a lot of room for chatting about the little bitty nothings that really make up our lives.  And of course, those little bitty nothings play a big part in inspiring songs.  Those bits and pieces seem to accumulate like sediment in my mind and--before I know it--they become something with the kind of shape and texture and heart that I recognize: a song.  
But a lot of life doesn’t quite fit in the finished song.  I get asked a lot about my inspiration, and I’m happy to explain; so happy, in fact, that I get so excited about introducing every song when I’m performing that I half-forget I’m there to sing and not just chat away.  But if you can’t come see me live and yet you’re still curious about the stories behind my songs, I hope you’ll be able to find the answers here, in my journal.    
Here I’ll post my thoughts and tales of my experiences to keep you up to date.  In this forum, you’re free to come and visit with me for a while.  I hope you stop by to see me again soon, and thanks for listening...”
                                   Stephie Piper
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